How Can a Business Owner Protect Assets in Northern California

How Can a Business Owner Protect Assets in Northern California from Timothy Murphy As the general partner, you would have sole decision-making authority. Family members that you add to the partnership would be silent limited partners. Learn more about business owner protect assets in Northern California in this presentation.


How Can a Business Owner Protect Assets?

If you are a business owner, you may wonder how you can protect assets that you have earned from litigious types. There are a couple of different ways that you can protect assets if you own a business, and one of them would be through the creation of a limited liability company. With a limited liability company, the actions of the company would not be connected to your personal property. Property that is in your personal possession could not be attached if there was a legal judgment against the company. In addition to the above, you also enjoy something called flow-through taxation. Though you enjoy the asset protection benefits of a company, when it comes to taxes, you can continue to claim your profits or losses on your individual tax return when you have a limited liability company. You have to avoid fraudulent conveyances. If you create a limited liability company after you find out that you are the target of a lawsuit in an effort to protect assets, this could be construed as an


Three Issues Senior Pet Owners Need to Think About

As a pet owner, you know the feelings of joy and satisfaction you get from your animal companion. As an aging senior, however, you also know that there are a lot of things that you used to do that you probably shouldn’t do any more. Senior pet owners have to consider several issues as they age that younger pet owners don’t really need to think about as much. If you are a senior pet owner and have yet to do so, developing a pet plan is an essential piece of being prepared for the future. Issue 1. Your Pet and Your Estate Plan You create an estate plan to deal with the issues that arise after your death. For pet owners, providing for your pet’s care after you’re gone is essential. Creating and properly funding a pet trust is one of the best ways you can make sure your pet will be cared for in the future. If you haven’t already created a pet trust, you need to speak to your estate planning attorney about creating one as soon as possible. Issue 2. Your Pets and Your Home Many se