Estate Planning Issues for Married Couples

Married couples in California who want to create an estate plan will have to think about a variety of issues together. When a single person develops an estate plan, he or she doesn t necessarily have to coordinate with anyone else about the choices the plan addresses. Married couples, on the other hand, should make it a point to speak to one another about these essential topics while they craft a plan. If you are married, or are considering becoming married, here s what you should consider when you go about the process of crafting an estate plan. Spousal Inheritance Rights One of the most important issues in estate planning that faces married couples is the question about what to do when it comes to inheritance. Spouses have a relatively unique place when it comes to inheritance law in that they are automatically entitled to receive an inheritance upon the other spouse s death. Everyone else, even people closely related to you, does not have this automatic inheritance right. So, at th