Amazon Bringing New Jobs to Sacramento

Great news!  Amazon will be bringing 1,500 new full-time jobs to its fulfillment center in Sacramento.  The new center is scheduled to open in 2017. This will be the 10th fulfillment center Amazon has brought to the state of California. The 855,000-square-foot facility is the third to be opened in Northern California, along with Tracy [ ] The post Amazon Bringing New Jobs to Sacramento appeared first on Northern California Center for Estate Planning and Elder Law.


Making Your Own Funeral Arrangements

You can relieve a great burden from your loved ones’ shoulders by making your own funeral arrangements or by jotting down your wishes and chatting with your family.  Make sure to notify your loved ones of your written instructions and keep them in a place where they will be able to be located shortly after your passing.  We provide our clients with a large three ring binder that contains copies of all their estate planning documents, last wishes and other important information.  Taking these few extra steps makes it much easier on family members who must  deal with such details along with their grieving. We’re here to help.  Here are some things to think about: Do you want a public viewing of the body?  Or, not? Do you want the body to be cremated?  Or, internment? Do you want the body present during a funeral? Or, not? Do you want a memorial service?  Or, not? Do you want a wake (i.e. celebration of life)?  Or, not? To you want a service held in a church, synagogue, othe