Medi-Cal Myths Part 1

By Timothy P. Murphy © 2016 All Rights Reserved MEDI-CAL MYTHS: PART I: YOU GOTTA BE BROKE! Editor’s note: This is the first installment of an occasional series about common misconceptions by consumers about the Medi-Cal Long Term Care program which provides financial assistance in paying for care in a skilled nursing facility. As many of our clients already know, we regularly assist families who are facing care issues for a family member who may need long term care including advice and assistance in obtaining benefits available under certain Veterans and Medi-Cal programs. A very common situation that arises when first meeting with families about their planning options is a large amount of wrong information that they have obtained from their friends, the media, the internet, uninformed advisors, and, regrettably, even employees of agencies charged with administering these programs.  In this series of reports, we will explore some of the more common myths and misconceptions. Most


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