Nursing Home Planning: Are your Parents Prepared?

Nursing home care can be very expensive.  Many private health insurance policies don t cover these long-term care services. For California residents who need long-term care, Medi-Cal is the most common source of funding. In fact, Medi-Cal covers nursing home care expenses of nearly 65% of Californians residing in nursing homes. However, applying for and receiving assistance from Medi-Cal takes planning.  Getting your parents prepared for the potential need for long-term health care, nursing home planning is a must. Medi-Cal and nursing home care Medi-Cal is California’s state Medicaid program.  Like all other Medicaid programs, it is funded by both federal and state funds but run by the State.  The California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) manages long-term care programs in California, including nursing home services.  In general, skilled nursing facilities offer round-the-clock skilled nursing care in addition to other supportive services. Nursing homes are typicall


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