Medi-Cal Laws are Favorable for Sacramento Residents

Medi-Cal, California s Medicaid program, provides, among other benefits, no-cost or low-cost health insurance for adults age 65 years or older, blind, disabled, pregnant, or in a long-term facility.  The program also provides benefits for non-disabled, non-elderly and qualifying adults aged 19-64 whose income levels are at or below 138% the Federal Poverty Level.  For Sacramento residents, it is important to know that the Medi-Cal benefits are available if you qualify or you have a loved one who qualifies. What is “Medi-Cal?” Medicaid programs, while partially funded by the federal government, are independently run by each state. Therefore, Medicaid benefits and eligibility requirements may be different from state to state. In most cases, Medicaid patients are only required to pay a small co-pay, if anything at all. Sacramento residents are typically familiar with California s Medicaid program – Medi-Cal.  The program provides payment for a variety of medical services for tho


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