Protecting Your Inheritance with Inheritance Planning

Getting the news that you have inherited money or property from a family member is usually a good thing.  For some people, it may be more of a concern.  If you receive income-based government benefits, you may be concerned that your benefits will be in jeopardy if you receive a significant inheritance.  For instance, if you receive Medi-Cal or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you assets must not exceed a certain amount in order for you to remain eligible.  If that s the case, you need to protect your inheritance from being counted as income or an asset.  Another common concern is the inheritance tax.  Inheritance planning can address all of these issues. How a special needs trust works with inheritance planning Not everyone who receives an inheritance will need a special needs trust.  But if you receive government benefits, then a special needs trust is something you should discuss with your estate planning attorney.  Even then, only people whose government benefits are nee


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