There Is More to Estate Planning Than Wills and Trusts

Procrastination is a big problem when it comes to estate planning, and this is really rather hard to understand. Even when you are a young adult who is somewhat immature, when an older person starts to explain financial realities, you can t help but take notice. People find it easy to recognize the need to position their assets wisely throughout their lives, but the same people tend to place estate planning into another category. These are not necessarily people who are extremely selfish; many of them have spouses and children, and they would say that they have always put their families first. The statistics that are compiled to shed light on the subject are compelling. Relatively recently, the estate planning preparedness of adults in certain age groups was measured by a legal website. When they interviewed a representative sample of American adults who were between the ages of 55 and 64, they found that 51 percent of the people that they surveyed were going through life without will


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