Why Do I Need an Estate Planning Attorney?

We live in very different times than we lived in decades ago. These days, you can simply ask your smart phone any question, and it will provide you with an answer instantly. The Internet has changed everything as well. There are many different do-it-yourself resources that you can access online, and boilerplate legal documents can be purchased and downloaded. This can make you wonder why you would ever need an estate planning attorney to devise your plan. Before you decide that you can plan your estate on your own using tools that you get online, you should understand some facts. To provide a basic analogy, if you are hearing some kind of strange sound coming out of your car engine, you could research it online. You may find a possible cause, and you could also find a way to replace the part on your own. However, because you are not an automobile mechanic, you may not understand all the facts. As a result, you may change the wrong part, and the problem will ultimately get worse. This


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