Will My Assets Be Taken If Medi-Cal Pays My Nursing Home Expenses?

The Medi-Cal program is a government health insurance program that is intended for financially needy individuals. If you have been on solid financial footing throughout your life, you may feel as though Medi-Cal will never be important to you. In reality, Medi-Cal is quite relevant to a significant percentage of senior citizens, because the program will pick up the tab for custodial care. This is the form of care that you would receive if you ever reside in a nursing home or assisted living community. Though you will become eligible for Medicare coverage at the age of 65 gift you have worked for any length of time, Medicare does not pay for help with your activities of daily living. Assuming that you will never incur nursing home expenses because you have tried to live a healthy life is not a very good idea when you examine the facts. No less than 70 percent of people reaching the age of 65 on this day will eventually need custodial care according to a government agency. Debunking a M


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