Are You Sure a Will Is the Best Choice?

If you are a golfer, club selection is very important to you. The use of the proper tool as it were can make all the difference, and this is also true when you are planning your estate. Many people assume that a Will is the berst ae some choice if you are not extremely wealthy, but there are many good reasons why you may want to use a living trust instead. Let s look at the facts. Living Trust Advantages A living trust can provide benefits that a Will would not. You have more flexibility with regard to the way that the assets will be distributed if you use a living trust. With a Will, you name inheritors, and they will typically receive lump sum inheritances. This can be troublesome if you have loved ones who are not particularly good at money management. There are other possibilities if you establish a living trust. When you create the trust, you leave behind instructions in the trust declaration. If you want to, you could instruct the trustee to distribute only the earnings of the


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