Protecting Your Beneficiaries . . . From Themselves

Experts tell us that we are on the verge of the greatest transfer of wealth the United States has ever seen. If you are on the gifting end of those transfers you need to consider the question “Will your beneficiaries blow their inheritance?” Unfortunately, experts also estimate that at least one-third of the recipients of the coming wealth transfer will indeed do just that – blow their inheritance. What can you do to protect the inheritance you leave behind? The single most important step you can take to prevent your hard earned assets from being squandered or lost is to create a comprehensive estate plan. Right now, the “Baby Boomer” generation is heading into, or already in, their retirement years. The sheer numbers of people who make up the Baby Boomers will result in a wealth transfer estimated to be in the trillions as they die and leave behind estates. Several studies tell us that the recipients who are likely to receive an inheritance from these estates are ill equipp


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