Generation X Needs To Plan

Caring for Young Children Many members of Generation X are in the midst of raising a family. As they go about the day-to-day duties of raising children, a lot of estate planning issues can be shunted aside or completely forgotten about. Yet crafting a plan that protects your children is absolutely essential. One of the most important things you can do as a Generation X parent is create an estate plan that names a guardian who will take over parenting responsibilities in the event you and your child’s other parent die or become incapacitated. Similarly, you need a plan that will provide inheritance provisions that recognize the fact that young children cannot legally own property until they come of age, as well as include tools that will provide those children with financial protections should you no longer be around to make an income. Divorce and Remarriage Many members of Generation X are going through a divorce or are already on a second, or subsequent marriage. Any significant ch


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