A New Estate Planning Concern: Digital Assets

Your estate plan should be reviewed an, if needed, every three or so years. Often, however, people put off updating their estate plan until something spurs them to do so. If this describes you, chances are your current estate plan does not address your digital assets. Understanding why you need to include digital assets in your estate plan should prompt you to finally review and revise your current estate plan, or create one if you have yet to do so. In the last two decades, the average American’s lifestyle has become increasingly digitized. Take a minute to stop and think about your average day. If you are like most people, you talk on a cellular phone far more than a landline, you email or text instead of writing letters and send them snail mail, you pay bills over the computer, you use a debit card instead of writing checks, and you do at least some of your shopping online. In addition, you probably have at least one social media account and you may even have your own website or


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