Top Three Estate Planning Misconceptions

Far too many people are not properly prepared from an estate planning perspective, and the inaction often stems from some widely embraced misconceptions. In this blog post we will look at three of them so that you can understand the facts and take the appropriate actions to protect your family. Estate Planning Is Only Relevant to Senior Citizens One of the most damaging misconceptions out there is the idea that estate planning is only important for people who have reached an advanced age. Clearly, if you don t have an estate plan in place when you are 75 years old, you probably ought to get started sooner rather than later. At the same time, estate planning is actually important for all responsible adults. If you are married, you have someone depending on you, and this dynamic is significantly amplified if you have children. When you plan your estate, you make sure that your loved ones have something to draw from if the unthinkable was to take place. Even if you are single, you should


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