Will Medi-Cal Count Assets in My Living Trust?

When you are devising your estate plan, you may come to the conclusion that a revocable living trust would be a good choice as an asset transfer vehicle. Indeed, a living trust can be useful for a wide range of people, and you do not have to be extraordinarily wealthy to create a living trust. One of the benefits that you would gain through the creation of a living trust is the avoidance of probate. This is the legal process of estate administration, and it is time-consuming and potentially expensive. The process would come into play if you utilize a last will, but assets in a living trust could be distributed to the beneficiaries outside of probate. Another advantage is the ability to protect a spendthrift beneficiary through the inclusion of certain stipulations. Medi-Cal Eligibility Medi-Cal is a government health insurance program that can enter the picture late in your life, even if you are going to qualify for Medicare coverage when you reach the age of 65. This program is relev


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