Advance Directives Should Be Part of the Plan

The process of estate planning should ideally be viewed from a comprehensive perspective. There are eventualities that you may face before you pass away, and this is something that you should take into consideration, because there are actions that you can take to prepare yourself. This is certainly not a very pleasant thing to contemplate, but the cold hard reality is that many people become incapacitated and unable to communicate before they pass away. During this interim, there can be medical decisions that must be made. You can account for this through the execution of incapacity planning documents called advance directives for health care. One advance directive that you should definitely include in your incapacity plan is a living will. Doctors can sometimes use artificial measures to keep people alive indefinitely, even when there is no hope of recovery. Would you want doctors to utilize  measures such as these to keep you alive under these circumstances? When you create a livin


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