Remarriage and Inheritance Planning: Protect Your Children

The fact that a significant percentage of marriages end in divorce is well-known at this point, and studies show that the majority of second and third marriages end in divorce. From an estate planning perspective, there can be some challenges for divorced people who are getting remarried. First of all, if you are getting remarried after you have been divorced, you may want to consider the creation of a premarital agreement. Even though you are getting married because you are in love, the statistics tell a compelling tale. If your second or third marriage withstands the test of time, you are defying the odds. There is also the matter of the inheritances that you want to leave behind to your children. If you were to get remarried and leave everything to your new spouse in your estate plan, there are no guarantees with regard to the actions of your spouse if you pass away first. He or she could get remarried, and your property could slip away from your children. QTIP Trusts There is an e


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