Is My Power of Attorney Still Valid After I Pass Away?

The legal device that is called a power of attorney is often used within the elder law realm. However, a certain type of power of attorney is utilized to account for possible incapacitation late in life. Many elders become unable to make sound decisions on their own at some point in time. There are numerous different underlying causes of incapacity, but one extraordinary threat is Alzheimer s disease. This disease strikes almost half of people who are at least 85 years of age. This type of longevity is not uncommon during our current era. According to the Social Security Administration, it is likely that you will live until you are at least 85 if you are fortunate enough to be around when you are 67 years of age. As you are probably aware, a power of attorney can be used to empower someone to act on your behalf in a legally binding manner. In our area of the law, durable powers of attorney are used. This type of power of attorney would remain in effect even if the grantor was to becom


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