Holistic Retirement Planning: Look Past the Active Years

The term retirement planning can trigger some beautiful thoughts. You can sit back, look out the window, and imagine all the things that you will be able to do during your active retirement years. This vision may include plenty of time on the golf course, fine dining, and exotic travel to all of the places that you always wanted to experience when you were busy traversing your career path. Without question, if you take the financial end of retirement planning seriously, your golden years can be some of the best years of your life. Calculating the resources that you will need to put your working years behind you as an active retiree may be relatively straightforward. However, there is a big expense that looms over the horizon after you start to slow down. Long-Term Care When you pay FICA or self-employment taxes, part of what you pay goes toward future Medicare eligibility. Anyone who has worked for any significant length of time will qualify for Medicare at the age of 65 under current


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