Is a Living Trust Really Better Than a Will?

You may be under the impression that you should use a last will as your primary estate planning tool if you do not consider yourself to be enormously wealthy with a very complex estate. It can be natural to assume that a living trust is just a glorified type of last will that is really not going to provide much of a difference. In reality, there are some very tangible reasons why someone could suggest that a living trust is better than a last will. Let s look at some of the advantages that you gain with a living trust. Spendthrift Protections With a living trust, you can protect a spendthrift beneficiary. You do not have to allow for lump sum distributions of all the property that is held by the trust. To prolong the viability of the trust, you could instruct the trustee to distribute limited assets on a monthly basis over an extended period of time. On the other hand, with a simple last will, the executor normally would be handing out lump sum inheritances to the heirs. Avoidance of


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