Can I Create a Trust for My Dog?

When you think about the situation that you may be in as a senior citizen, you can quickly realize why you may be able to benefit from dog ownership. As you get older, you lose loved ones along the way, and your family members are grown and busy conducting their own lives. A dog can provide you with a much-needed companion during this stage of your life. In addition to the companionship, a dog is a big responsibility, so you have a sense of purpose in your life once again. Many dogs are good protectors, and even a small dog can act as a very effective alarm system. Dogs need exercise, so you are compelled to get exercise in your own right when you take your dog for walks. Plus, this can lead to the development of friendships, because you have the opportunity to chat with other dog owners when you go to the park. Estate Planning Implications You may understand the value of dog ownership as a senior citizen, but you could be hesitant because you are concerned about your longevity. What


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