A Legacy of Giving

You may want to consider your broader legacy when you are planning your estate. There are things that you could do to cast a meaningful shadow even after you are gone, and your impact can be felt in a positive manner on various different levels. Undoubtedly, your family is going to come first when you are engaged in your legacy planning efforts. It is important to make sure that you pass along monetary resources in the optimal manner, and the best way to provide for one person that you love may not be appropriate for the next. You should explore all of your options and make fully informed decisions. When it comes to your family, there are also matters that are not financial in nature that you can address in your legacy plan. For example, if you have family heirlooms in your possession, you can make sure that they get into the hands of appropriate caretakers. These are a handful of things to take into consideration when it comes to your loved ones, but there are other things that you c


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