Californians Can Take Advantage of Added Nursing Home Asset Protection

Nursing home asset protection is a very big deal when you understand all of the facts. It would be natural to assume that Medicare will pay for nursing home care if you ever need it, but in reality, the program does not pay for custodial. The Medicare program will often cover rehabilitative care after release from a hospital following an injury or illness, but it will not pay for custodial care. Paying out-of-pocket is really not a sensible option for most people, because long-term care costs are exorbitant. Medi-Cal is California s version of the nationally offered Medicaid program. This program does pay for long-term care if you can obtain eligibility. In most states, including California, there is a $2000 limit on countable assets for unmarried indivuals. As a result, people often  give assets to their loved ones before they apply for coverage, but this takes careful planning. You generally cannot hang on to your assets until and unless you find out that you need long-term care


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