Medi-Cal and Long-Term Care: A Primer

You should understand the basics when it comes to Medi-Cal and long-term care. Many aging persons will require living assistance at some point in time, and Medicare will not pay for help with your activities of daily living. Nursing homes and assisted living communities are extremely expensive, and in-home care givers are also costly. Medi-Cal does pay for long-term care, and it is the solution for many Californians. In this post, we will provide some basic information about the Medi-Cal program as it applies to long-term care for seniors. Asset Limit Medi-Cal is a program that is only available to people who can demonstrate a significant level of financial need. As a result, there is a $2000 limit on countable assets for an individual applicant.  Higher limits are available for married couples. Some Things Don t Count Some things that you own are not considered to be countable assets for Medi-Cal purposes. Your home is not considered to be a countable asset, and currently there is


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