Be Aware of Elder Financial Abuse

There are some problems that are swept under the rug for one reason or another, and elder financial abuse is one of them. This issue has always existed, but up until recently, there was very little known about it. The matter is hard to analyze, because the vast majority of cases go unreported. In fact, a recent Elder Abuse Prevalence Study found that only one case out of every 44 is actually reported to the authorities. Why would so many cases of elder financial abuse go unreported? In many cases, the victims are not aware of the abuse, and this is one cause. Secondly, many instances are never reported because the victims are trying to protect the perpetrators. Though it is a very shameful reality, family members, friends, neighbors, and care givers often take advantage of their access to elderly people with financial resources. Of course, there are also crimes of predation. Con artists, scam perpetrators, identity thieves and the like often prey on senior citizens. Annual Losses Tho


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