Is Probate Always a Problem?

When you look into the subject of estate planning, you will hear a lot of things about probate. This is the process of estate administration. If you use a Will to state your final wishes with regard to your personally held property, the Will would be admitted to probate after you pass away, except for very modest estates. The probate court would supervise the administration of the estate. In the Will, you name an executor, and this individual would handle the business of the estate under the supervision of the court. Passage Through Probate You may come across some probate horror stories,  However, done correctly, it is simply a legal process that serves a purpose. For example, when someone passes away, he or she may have debts. If someone who owed you $100,000 passed away, wouldn t you want to have some type of recourse with regard to repayment? Final debts must be paid during probate, so the executor must notify creditors. We should point out the fact that the final debts would inc


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