Medi-Cal FAQs: Will the Government Take My Home?

Medi-Cal is California s version of the Medicaid program that is in place around the country. The program is jointly administered by the federal government along with the state of California. Most people are aware of the fact that Medi-Cal is only available to people with very limited financial resources. If you will retire with assets, and you are going to qualify for Medicare, you may wonder why Medi-Cal would ever be relevant to you. It would be logical to assume that Medicare would help if you were to require long-term care. However, in reality, Medicare does not pay for custodial care. Most seniors will need living assistance eventually, so this is a very big deal, because long-term care is very expensive. Medi-Cal does pay for living assistance, and this is why it does become relevant to many Medicare eligible seniors who were never financially needy. Medi-Cal and Your Home Since Medi-Cal is a need-based program, there is a low asset limit. If you want to qualify for Medi-Cal, t


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