Can I Give Away My Assets to Qualify for Medi-Cal?

Many older Americans will someday need help with their activities of daily living, and long-term care is very expensive. Many older Californians ultimately try to qualify for Medi-Cal coverage, because Medicare does not pay for long-term care. Medi-Cal does pay for custodial care if you can obtain eligibility. Eligibility Requirements You are probably aware of the fact that Medi-Cal is a government program that provides health insurance for people with very limited financial resources. There is a limit on countable assets of just $2,000 for an individual applicant, but some things that you own are not considered to be countable, including your home. Plus, if you need long-term care while your spouse is still capable of independent living, your spouse would be to keep half of the shared countable assets, but there is a limit. This is called the Community Spouse Resource Allowance, and the limit for 2015 is $119,220 in the state of California. This figure is the maximum, but it is also


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