What Is Estate Administration?

Estate planning can seem like an exercise in document creation. Indeed, you have to state your wishes in writing in one way or another. However, estate administration is another facet that you should consider when you are devising your estate plan. Last Will If you use a last will to serve as a vehicle of asset transfer, the person who will administer the estate is called the executor or personal representative. We should point out the fact that a female estate executor is sometimes referred to as an executrix. The executor cannot act alone in a vacuum after you pass away. Except for small estates, the will would be admitted to probate, and the administration of the estate would be supervised by the probate court. During probate, there is a proving of the will. The court examines the will to make sure that it is valid, and arguments could be presented during probate if anyone wanted to contest the validity of the will. Final debts would be paid during this process, and ultimately, the


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