Basics of Asset Protection – Part 2 of 4 Parts

Some form of asset protection should be included in every comprehensive estate plan.  Regrettably, however, many folks foolishly opt for the cheapest estate plan they can find, whether it be a do-it-yourself plan or some form downloaded off the Internet. Others rely upon non-attorneys such as paralegals or financial advisers.  Even some attorneys are guilty of poor planning work.  They are usually lawyers who practice in several different areas of law, such as divorces, criminal, personal injury, etc. and also dabble in estate planning.  They will undoubtedly lack the education, training and experience to provide good counsel on the myriad aspects of asset protection. For these reasons, not all estate plans are created equal. The best bet is to work with an experienced and qualified estate planning attorney who understands and creates comprehensive plans. Let s look at some basic ways to protect your own assets. Later, we will focus on protecting your intended beneficiaries. R


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