Do Elder Law Attorneys Practice in Other Areas?

The area of elder law is a legal specialty that is quite relevant at the present time. There is an unprecedented aging of the population underway due to the fact that the baby boomers are attaining senior citizen status. Elder law attorneys counsel people who are concerned about the eventualities of aging, so there are a lot of questions to be answered. The major source of concern within the elder law community is the matter of long-term care and the expenses that go along with it. Medicare does not pay for living assistance, and it is statistically likely that you will require long-term care if you live long enough to attain senior citizen status. Long-term care is quite expensive. Here in California, the average annual cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home is hovering around $100,000, and it is even more expensive in some areas of the state. The average length of stay is over two years, and 10 percent of people in nursing homes receive the care for at least five years. Med


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