How Can I Provide for My Pet in My Estate Plan?

When you are engaged in your estate planning efforts, you are naturally going to create an inheritance list. Most of the individuals on the list will walk on two legs, but you may also want to include your pet when you are devising your estate plan. Younger adults who are members of supportive families who share pet ownership may not be too concerned about the well-being of the pet, because there is a support system in place to take over if you were to pass away. However, pet planning can be quite important for senior citizens. Many seniors lose spouses and other family members over the years, and friends can start to dwindle as well. Loneliness can be the result, and as we all know, dogs and cats can be great companions. Plus, pet ownership can provide a retired senior with a renewed sense of purpose. Experts say that pet ownership is actually good for your physical health, and this is another benefit. Pet Trusts If you want to include your pet in your estate plan, you could create a


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