What Is the Nomination of a Guardian?

Some people look at estate planning as something that is only relevant to senior citizens. In fact, it could be argued that estate planning is more important for younger adults, especially parents with dependent children. If you are a young parent, what would happen to your children if both parents were to pass away together in an accident? This question is even more profound if you are single. This possible scenario is one reason why estate planning is important for younger adults. To account for this type of situation, you could nominate a guardian when you create a last will. If your children were ever in need of guardianship, it is likely that the court would empower the guardian that was nominated in the will to care for the children. Adult Conservatorship In some states, a guardian could be appointed by the court to make decisions on behalf of an incapacitated adult. We practice law in California, and things are somewhat different in our state. In California, a guardian would ma


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