Does Medi-Cal Pay for In-Home Care?

Medi-Cal is a health insurance program that is in place to provide a resource for financially needy individuals. The program is offered nationally, and it is called Medicaid elsewhere. Medi-Cal is important for many people who were never poor, because it will pay for a stay in a assisted living facility, and indirectly, it will pay for in-home care. Many seniors would prefer to remain in their homes if they need help with their activities of daily living. This is understandable on a number of different levels. For one thing, nursing homes are extremely expensive, and assisted living communities are also costly. If you could remain at home while you receive in-home care, money would be saved. Plus, there is also the human element. Most people would not want to be uprooted from their homes at any age, and this can be even more profound for senior citizens who may have become very attached to their surroundings. Medicaid funding supports a program that is called the Home and Community-Ba


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