Medi-Cal Planning: When Is it Too Late?

They say that aging is not always easy, and there are certainly some serious things to take into consideration when you are looking ahead toward your elder years. Most of the senior citizens in the United States will eventually need help with their day-to-day needs. Long-term care is very expensive, and Medicare will not pay for it. This is why Medi-Cal planning is important to many people here in California. You are probably aware of the fact that Medi-Cal is California s version of the national Medicaid program. Medi-Cal does pay for long-term care, so it is the solution for many seniors who need assistance with their activities of daily living. Advance Planning If you want to qualify for Medi-Cal to pay for long-term care, you should ideally plan ahead in advance if you have to give gifts to your loved ones to stay within the countable asset limit of $2000 for individual applicants.  Married couples have higher limits. Across the country, there is a five-year look-back. If you gi


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