Why Would Someone Avoid Probate?

There is a legal process called probate that will often enter the picture when an estate is being administered. Generally speaking, property that is in your direct personal possession when you pass away would be looked upon as probate property. The transfer of the property would take place under the supervision of the probate court. We should point out the fact that property that would usually be probate property could be transferred outside of the full probate process in California under certain circumstances. If the estate is valued at less than $150,000, the transfer would not be subject to the full probate process. In addition to this, assets that are being transferred to a spouse or domestic partner could be transferred outside of probate. With regard to transfers that are subject to probate, there are significant drawbacks to take into consideration. For one, probateĀ is expensive, especially in California. Secondly, probate is a public proceeding. Anyone who wants to find out h


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