Time for an Estate Plan Check Up?

For too many folks, estate plans are something they create, set aside, and don’t think about after they have gone through the creation process. While this may not be a problem for years, it could be a problem down the road. Further, because your plan has been dormant for so long, there could be significant problems with it that you simply do not know about. Here are several reasons why you should review your estate plan on a regular basis. Review your estate plan because the laws change. For some, estate plans are there to protect their estates from the looming specter of estate taxes. However, while the estate tax issue was a significant concern in years past, in recent years it has diminished considerably. A lot of people who created an estate plan years ago don’t realize that the tools they created to protect their estates from high taxation rates are no longer necessary. In fact, getting rid of some of these tools and using more simplified and streamlined options may be a mu


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