Do You Have to Impoverish Yourself to Qualify for Medi-Cal?

When you hear about the Medi-Cal program, you may immediately draw certain conclusions.  Medi-Cal is a needs-based program, so you may assume that you must impoverish yourself to qualify for Medi-Cal coverage. First off, it is important to understand why Medi-Cal is relevant to senior citizens who will be qualified for Medicare. Some elders will need long-term care eventually, and Medicare does not pay for such living assistance. Medi-Cal does pay for long-term care, and this is why many seniors want to qualify for Medi-Cal at some point in time. There is an upper asset limit of $2000 for an individual, so this can lead to the impoverishment assumption. However, the equation is more complicated, and impoverishment is not a given if you plan ahead effectively. Medi-Cal rules are very complex. There are assets that are countable with regard to the $2000 limit, and there are other assets that are not counted. Your home is not considered to be a countable asset for determining eligi


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