How Do You Find an Elder Law Attorney?

The aging of the baby boomer generation is having a significant impact on the country s demographic makeup. A lot of people are approaching senior citizen status at the same time, and as a result, people are asking questions about legal matters that are relevant to seniors. Elder law attorneys answer these questions. There are various different elder law matters that everyone should be aware of, and long-term care is foremost among them. Medicare does not pay for living assistance, and most people will need help with their day-to-day needs at some point in time. Nursing home care is very expensive, so it is difficult to impossible for many people to pay out-of-pocket. Medicaid does pay for long-term care, but it takes careful planning to qualify, because there are strict income and asset limits. We practice in California, and in our state, the Medicaid program is called Medi-Cal. Elder law attorneys guide people who would like to qualify for Medi-Cal to pay for long-term care. If you


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