Are There Different Types of Special Needs Trusts?

Everyone needs health insurance, but it is more essential for some people than it is for others. Clearly, individuals with special needs are going to require care and treatment throughout their lives, and health insurance is an absolute must for these individuals. Most people get health insurance coverage through their jobs. Since people with disabilities are unable to work in many instances, this presents an obstacle. For these folks, Medicaid is often the solution. It is called Medi-Cal in California. Medicaid/Medi-Cal is a government health insurance program that is available to people with very limited financial resources. Because of the need-based nature of the program, you cannot qualify if you have a significant store of countable assets. Coming into money is just about always going to be a good thing. However, when it comes to Medicaid eligibility, there is an exception to this rule. An improvement in financial status could result in a loss of Medicaid/Medi-Cal eligibility. An


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