Medi-Cal Long Term Care Primer- Part 4 of 4

An important, but frequently overlooked, aspect in Medi-Cal long term care (LTC) benefit planning is Medi-Cal Estate Recovery. The Medi-Cal laws requre that the state pursue recovery from a Medi-Cal LTC beneficiary s estate following death for the benefits obtained during his or her lifetime.  These benefits have often been accruing  at thousands of dollars a month.  In cases of extended periods of care, recovery claims can be hundreds of thousands of dollars. In situations involving a married couple, Medi-Cal defers recovery efforts until the death of the surviving spouse. How will Med-Cal know when someone dies?  California law requires that the legal representative of a deceased person s estate (e.g., trustee, executor) so notify the Medi-Cal s Estate Recovery Unit within 90 days of death.  In response to this notice, Medi-Cal will determine whether or not Medi-Cal LTC benefits were paid and will demand repayment from the estate up to the amount of benefits paid. A f


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