Medi-Cal Long Term Care Primer – Part 3 of 4

The second planning consideration for Medi-Cal Long Term Care Benefits (LTC) is called share of cost. Once Medi-Cal LTC eligibility is established (See Part II), attention turns to share of cost. It is the co-pay requirement of Medi-Cal LTC. Typically, a Medi-Cal LTC beneficiary must contribute their monthly income towards the cost of his or her care.  This usually includes Social Security, pensions, investment and rental income, among others.  Certain deductions are allowed, e.g., health insurance related premiums, and a personal needs allowance, currently $35. For married couples, there is an additional protection when one of the spouses is not receiving Medi-Cal LTC benefits, commonly called the community spouse.  That spouse can have at least $2,981 of income each month in 2015. With good planning that income figure can be obtained even if both spouses monthly income before Medi-Cal eligibility is below $2,981. In circumstances that require the community spouse have more tha


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