Medi-Cal Long Term Care Primer – Part 2 of 4

In this blog, we will address how eligibility for Medi-Cal long term care (LTC) benefits is established. Eligibility is essentially an asset test.  For eligibility purposes, assets fall within one of three categories: countable (non-exempt), not countable (exempt) and unavailable (countable, but not counted). To be eligible for Medi-Cal LTC, an individual applicant s countable assets must be below $2,000.  If the applicant is married, in 2015, the spouse can have another $119,220 of countable assets. Countable assets are typically liquid assets, such are cash, savings, investments, some retirement accounts, some real estate, some life insurance and annuities, etc.  There are, however, many other types of assets that may be countable. Non-countable assets are property such as a primary residence, one auto, household furnishings, some jewelry, certain retirement accounts, certain life insurance, among others. Unavailable assets include property that would normally be considered co


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