Medi-Cal Long Term Care Primer – Part 1 of 4

Many persons are confused about the Medi-Cal Long Term Care benefits program.  This is perfectly understandable.  Medi-Cal is a complex public benefits program that is a joint venture of the federal, state and county governments.  There are state and federal statutes, state and federal regulations, less formal rules and procedures and, add to that, the rules change from time to time and vary from county to county and sometimes among workers within a county. An additional concern in these troubled, economic times is that many government entities are cash strapped.  For this reason, increased scrutiny is given to any request to spend public funds.  Medi-Cal is one of those programs.   When an application for such benefits is deficient for even a minor reason, an application may be denied requiring the applicant to be deprived of these vital benefits for additional months. Because of this muddled, challenging and ever changing environment, for most folks, it is important to work


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