Tuning Up Your Estate Plan

If you have already established your estate plan, congratulations!  You have done something that will protect you and your loved ones now and in the future. However, like regular medical check ups, conducting periodic reviews of your plan as well as updating the plan when life events call for it are just as important as creating the plan in the first place. It would be prudent for you to review your estate plan every three years just to be sure that your plan is up to date with all current laws and incorporates all of your concerns and wishes. Clients of our firm are entitled to free reviews every three years. Sometimes, however, significant events call for a more immediate review of your estate plan, such as: Death – most people think to review their estate plan following the death of a beneficiary; however, the death of a trustee, executor, guardian, or even your attorney should also call for a review of your plan. Birth – although you can include future born beneficiaries in


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