What Is the Difference Between a Conservatorship and a Power of Attorney?

Statistics indicate that a significant percentage of elders become unable to make sound decisions at some point in time, and under these circumstances, a conservator could be appointed by the court to manage the affairs of an incapacitated adult. The appointment of a conservator can provide a solution under difficult circumstances, but there are some potential drawbacks to take into consideration. For one, family members can have differing points of view with regard to the ideal conservator. Secondly, the person who is ultimately empowered by the court to act as your conservator may not be someone that you would have chosen yourself when you were capable of making sound decisions. Durable Power of Attorney A power of attorney is a legally binding document that you can use to empower someone else to act on your behalf.  However, a standard general power of attorney would no longer be in effect if the grantor of the device was to become incapacitated. If a power of attorney is designat


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