Long Term Care Planning After the Onset of Dementia

For most people, the realization that a parent is showing early signs of dementia or Alzheimer s Disease is not easy to accept. Along with the emotional aspect of watching a parent struggle with their loss of mental powers, there are typically a number of practical issues that must also be addressed. The knowledge that your parent will eventually need long-term care may cause concerns about how that care will be paid for unless your parent is fortunate enough to be independently wealthy. Many elderly individuals in California turn to the Medi-Cal program to pay for long-term care. Your parent must first qualify for Medi-Cal, however, for the program to pick up the costs of care. If you parent did not include Medi-Cal planning in his or her estate plan (which, unfortunately, is the case for most people with standard estate planning documents), you may wonder if you can still do such planning even though your parent is showing early signs of dementia. There is no simple answer to that


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