What Is an Elder Law Attorney?

Attorneys often focus on certain areas that they are passionate about, and we place an emphasis on elder law and estate planning. An elder law attorney is a legal professional who counsels people who are concerned about the eventualities of aging. There are many questions being asked at the present time, because the baby boomer generation is reaching retirement age, and a lot of people are approaching senior status. If you want to be comprehensively prepared, you may want to discuss everything with a licensed elder law attorney. One elder law issue that many people are not aware of is the matter of long-term care and the expenses that go along with it. A government agency tells us that seven out of every ten seniors will someday need living assistance. This is a telling statistic. You will probably need help with your day-to-day activities eventually if you live a normal life span, and Medicare will not pay for long-term care. Long-term care is very expensive, and it is simply imposs


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