What Is Probate?

Many people are under the impression that a last will is a very simple document. You state your final wishes regarding the distribution of your assets, and you name an executor. After you die, the executor follows your instructions and your heirs receive their inheritances immediately after the funeral, right? In reality things are not quite that simple. If you are in direct personal possession of property after you die and you arrange for its transfer through the terms of a last will, the executor must admit the will to probate. Let s look at the details. Process of Probate Probate can be succinctly defined as the legal process of estate administration. The executor takes care of the hands-on tasks that must be completed to bring your wishes to fruition, but the administration of the estate is supervised by the probate court. The court must determine whether or not the will is in fact valid. This is called the proving of the will. If anyone wanted to contest the validity of the will,


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